Attribute Gage R&R Calculator

  • IMPORTANT – To load the AIAG Data – click the “Load Test Data” button below
  • You can now type over the data – the red text – with your own results
  • The calculator updates every time you hit the “Enter” key
  • This calculator works for 50 parts (1 -50), and 3 appraisers (A, B, C), where each appraiser measures each part 3 times – shown as values A-1, A-2, A-3, B-1 through to C-3
  • If a part passes Inspection, the cell value is 1. For example Part 1, Appraiser A, Inspection #1 (Row 1, Column A-1)
  • If a part fails inspection, the cell value is 0. For example Part 6, Appraiser A, Inspection #3 (Row 6, Column A-3)
  • The “Ref. Value” column shows the measured value of the part
  • The “Reference” column shows 1 if the part is within specification, and 0 if outside specification
  • Each part is coded as follows (“Code” Column):
      • +  Well inside specification
      • –  Well outside specification
      • x  Close to specification limits (inside or outside)

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